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The Company

This is a story about passion since 1994

The company is a Bulgarian manufacturer of wide range alcoholic beverages, such as: vodka, any flavoured vodka, gin, any flavoured gin, natural fruit liqueurs, ready to drink cocktails (RTD), single malt spirits, spirit drinks, domestic alcoholic beverages, following world's most trendy concepts. 

The finest ingredients are used to achieve the 

premium smooth taste of all KRALSKA products.


Ethyl alcohol from A Grade agricultural origin and lux class.  Multiple distilled with charcoal columns. 

Natural extracts 
made of A Grade quality fruits. Collected by ecologically clean and certified gardens

Apricot garden.jpg
rodopa mountain.jpg

Spring water from Rodopa mountain.  Additionally purified and softened to achieve maximum taste performance  

Team of professionals
Highly motivated, skilled and dedicated employees are the beating heart of the company. 

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