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"From zero to hero"

We will successfully implement your idea for a private brand/ label from scratch within 10 weeks. It is your choice of alcoholic beverage and design.The rest is our main priority, to offer you the best options, closely discussed and communicated with you during the whole process in addition to meet your needs and expectations. Your final satisfaction is our most valuable award. 


Please make yourself aware of the 3 main steps your project has to pass during the 10 weeks of implementation. We believe that knowing what is about to happen at each step will give you the comfort and peace of mind that you deserve for the given trust toward our company. 


Feel free and more than welcome to share your ideas with us! More information can also be found at Private Labels Vodka




I.  "Paperwork" 
Our Requirements to get involved


1.  $$$$ collateral payment (not refundable project insurance).

2.  Sign and seal Contract

3.  Sign and seal Declaration

4. Provide evidence for Private Brand Ownership

5.  Letter of Intend to cover MOQ raw materials

2 weeks

II.  "Law & Regulation"

Bulgarian Government Requiremets


1. Listing & Registration of your Private Brand with Bulgarian Ministry of Economy

4 weeks


2. Listing & Registration of your Private Brand with the Bulgarian Customs Office 

4 weeks

III.  "Workshop"

Your Requirements to get satisfied


1.  Design Concept of the bottle, label, cap, NRF, box (detailed options and menu will be provided at the beginning of the process).

2.  Design Implementation

3.  Approval

4. Order MOQ raw materials 

5.  Samples 

8 weeks

Time Table 

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